Driver's Sinkhole Escape Captured On Camera | Car Plunges into Sinkhole in China
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Driver's Sinkhole Escape Captured On Camera | Car Plunges into Sinkhole in China
Car plunges into sinkhole in China Lucky escape after car tumbles into sinkhole Driver Makes Quick Getaway As Car Hangs Over Edge Of Sinkhole The occupants fail to spot the hole in the road but manage to climb to safety moments before the car falls in. Two men have had a lucky escape after their car was swallowed by a sinkhole on a busy road in China. CCTV video shows them driving slowly towards the hole and then scrambling out as their vehicle dangles precariously over the edge. Moments later the balance shifts and the vehicle rolls over into the hole and lands on its roof. Authorities in Jinjiang City, Fujian province, also released footage showing a large truck apparently causing the massive gash in the road. Earlier this month, firefighters had to rescue a woman who fell into a three-metre sinkhole which opened up while she was hanging out her washing in Australia.

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